Amphipod Max Intensity Led Clip Light

$ 25.00

  •  Rechargeable USB design eliminates disposable batteries, and easily charges on any computer with USB port; includes mini-USB charging cable
  •  Engineered using 4 superbright LEDs (2 white and 2 red); offers powerful 60-lumen solid beam intensity and attention-getting strobe modes
  •  Multiuse 4-mode design: Solid beam high-power white, solid beam high-power red, white strobe and red strobe
  •  Super-versatile custom clip design uses a spring-action clip that attaches to just about anything—clothing, packs, straps, belts, pockets and more
  •  Sealed, moisture-resistant housing incorporates a side-visibility-enhancing lens design
  •  Large silicone push-button for easy on/off activation and toggle control
  •  Up to 5 hrs. use per charge (varies due to modes used); simply plug into USB for 3-4 hr. charge between uses
  •  Handy, color-coded LED charge-level indicator provides charge-level status
  •  Super lightweight design
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