Brooks Unisex Hyperion Elite 2

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By Brooks


Looking for your next PR? This unisex racing shoe delivers Brooks fastest ride and keeps you in your stride, allowing you to run faster for longer. Designed to race 1 - 2 marathons.

New Technology

Our new and super light DNA ZERO midsole adapts to your stride to provide consistent cushion without adding bulk while our carbon fiber Propulsion Plate with a unique spine construction speeds your transition from heel to forefoot in each step and propels your toe-off. And the shoe is designed to keep you running in your preferred motion path even as you fatigue — saving energy so you can go faster for longer. Specifically designed for the demands of racing, the Hyperion Elite will last 50-100 miles.


Hyperion Tempo

Hyperion Tempo2:19
Lightweight cushioning

Lightweight cushioning

DNA ZERO midsole compound adapts to your unique stride while offering our lightest foam to deliver consistent cushion from the starting gun to the finish line.

Faster steps

Faster steps

Our carbon fiber Propulsion Plate quickens your transition and propels your toe-off

Energy savings

Energy savings

The Hyperion Elite keeps you running in your preferred motion path, allowing you to save energy and run faster for longer.

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