Hyperice Normatec Go

$ 399.00

Restorative massage on the
World-renowned Normatec now comes in a portable format for relief from pain on the run. Both slips wrap around your calf to flush-out and rejuvenate your lower body anywhere, anytime.

Robust recovery
Targeted dynamic air compression massage on the calves is scientifically proven to significantly reduce inflammation while increasing circulation throughout your body.
Move with your massage
The integrated control unit without wires or hoses allows you to move while the wearables work their magic. Use it seated, standing, or take the TSA-approved technology on your long haul flight.

Improved mobility through science
Developed by doctors and backed by years of research, Normatec is your personal on-call massage therapist that’s designed to maintain and boost mobility.
Synchronized for symmetry
Our revolutionary HyperSync™ technology synchronizes the set of wearables to give you a symmetrical massage with 3 zones of 360 degree gapless compression.
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