QuickSqueeze Plus View Insulated Handheld Bottle 18oz

$ 45.00
By Nathan



The QuickSqueeze Plus View handheld allows you to access your phone and carry water while on the go. The bottle and grip-free hand strap offer a comfortable and convenient solution for keeping your fuids cooler, 20% longer. HYDRATE FASTER & EASIER Double-wall insulated flask plus push-pull blast valve nozzle. Liquid stays 20% cooler longer than competitors. MAXIMUM COMFORT The updated design includes a more secure hand strap system, that utilizes Nathan's grip-free technology, and a softer bottle making it easier to squeeze and control the flow of water. Plus a TPU grip keeps the bottle in place despite hand sweat. EXTRA STORAGE TO GO Phone pocket construction to fit most smart phones. Small zipper stash pocket for valuables.


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