Travelon Waterproof Pouch with Audio Jack and Waterproof Earbuds

$ 39.99

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The Travelon Pouch is a waterproof smart phone pouch with audio jack and waterproof ear buds that protects your phone near water, dust, sand and dirt. This waterproof pouch comes with a removable carry strap, armband and a set of waterproof ear buds. The soft outer surface allows you to control your personal electronic devices without taking them out. Also, the corrosion tested pouch is submersible up to 65ft deep and when not submerged in water, the pouch floats. Features: Waterproof Smart Phone Pouch Audio Jack & Waterproof Ear Buds Air & Water Tight Soft Outer Surface - Screen is Fully Functional Through Pouch Foam Insert - Allows Pouch to Float on Water’s Surface Salt-Water Corrosion Tested Made From PVC
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