UYN Men's Runner's One - Short Sock

$ 24.00


Lightweight running socks with ZEROCUFF Technology for maximum performance runs.

Running will never be the same with the revolutionary UYN RUNNER'S ONE socks. Thanks to the innovative ZEROCUFF technology the sock remains perfectly in place without the need of the classic cuff. The lack of restrictions on the calf allows for a better blood circulation that exponentially decreases the sense of fatigue. UYN RUNNER'S ONE has been designed to offer not only unbeatable performance and comfort but also protection. The 3D structure in the back and the ANTI-IMPACTOR construction on the sole absorbs impacts keeping safe all the sensitive and delicate areas of the foot.

- Innovative ZEROCUFF structure, which eliminates the classic cuff while maintaining the tightness of the sock. In this way it improves blood circulation to the foot increasing the performance and leaving no marks on the calf.

- Made using 100% bio-based NATEX fabric: elastic, moisture wicking and anti-odor.

- Perfect ventilation of the foot thanks to COOL AIR FLOW technology.

- 360° protection thanks to the 3D PRESHOCK-SHIELD structure on the achilles tendon and ANTI-IMPACTOR technology on the frontal area

- Intelligent FEATHER RUN ZONE protective structure under the ankle, with high ventilation efficiency and low friction.

- TARGET-COMPRESSION BANDAGE: double section of asymmetrical fabric with integrated breathability that provides compression only where it is needed.

- Anatomically shaped insole for optimal sports performance.




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