UYN Women's Washi

$ 200.00

Ultralight, breathable and colorful The characteristics of PAPER COTTON, the high performance 100% plant-based material, make UYN WASHI the perfect shoe even when your feet have to face the most challenging days. Its use in the inner part of the upper makes this model light, soft and extremely breathable. The PAPER COTTON, in fact, is a material that weighs three times less than traditional cotton, has a strong ability to absorb moisture and has a high bacteriostatic effect that limits the formation of bad odors. In addition to comfort, UYN WASHI offers a perfect support to the foot thanks to the REBOUND SHIELD. This internal flexible structure is placed in a strategic position in-between the two layers of the upper and makes the shoe extremely elastic. The innovative U-CONTROL sole, made with a high quality EVA midsole, is responsive, dynamic and allows to maintain the perfect control at every step. The UYN WASHI line offers a range of colors that give a casual, summery and fashionable look.
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